25th International Ramayana Conference
Silver Jubilee Celebration

Avadhoota Datta Peetham
Mysore India November 27, 28, 29 2009

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The 25th International Ramayana Conference Silver Jubilee event was held on 27, 28, 29 November 2009 at Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore India ashram of Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji.  Vishwa Sahitya Sanskriti Sansthan organised the Silver Jubilee event. 

The Conference’s main theme was ‘Ramayana:  Spiritual Dimensions’.  Under this theme other topics were selected by the Conference’s International Committee. They were:

  • Similarities in Messages between Gita & Ramayana
  • Ramayana in Indian Languages:  A basis of National Unity
  • Science in Ramayana
  • Ramayana for Better Understanding & Global Cultural Relations
  • Concept of Management & Leadership in Ramayana
  • Ramayana Divine Experiences & Inspirations

The event captured intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers, academia, orators and scholars from all walks of life and all continents of the globe.  Delegates from over 26 countries attended and presented academic papers in all the panels. 

Approximately one thousand delegates from different parts of India and abroad attended the three days conference and appreciated the lectures and Ramayana exhibitions.  The stage was well decorated with an ancient Ramayana art.  The local media both print and electronic focused and provided full coverage of the event. 

Twenty four International Ramayana Conferences have been staged thus far.  The Ramayana journey has travelled through the democratic country of India, capitalistic country USA, socialistic country of UK and Europe, communist country of China, Islamic country of Indonesia & Malaysia and Buddhist country of Thailand and even in Durban South Africa.  

The Ramayana and its deep message will provide the strong foundational rock for human culture to search and seek global peace, human relations and clear understanding to make a beautiful mother earth and establish an international constitution for all countries through Ram Raj of Sri Ram.  Thus we can thrive together as brothers and sisters as one global family and make a rainbow culture.

The French translation of Ramayana by Svetlana Dinges of France and the poetic translation of Sant Tulsidas’ Ramayana in English by Dr. Satyadeo Gupta of USA was released by Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji and Shri Lallan Prasad Vyas ji.   An artist of Hungary, Mrs. Rosalia Hummel and Sarla Chandra of Delhi organised a big exhibition of the Ramayana portraying the life of different characters.

At the inaugural ceremony, Sri LP Vyas ji explained the evolution of Ramayana and spoke of the propagation of the message of Ramayana in various countries from the first to the twenty fourth Conference in Democratic countries as India, UK, USA, in communist countries as in China and Islamic as in Malaysia, Indonesia and in Hungary and Czech Republic.

Swami Brahmadeo ji, Peethadhish Brahma Vidya Peetham Trinidad West Indies and International Conference Coordinator presented the aim and goal of the 25th International Ramayana Conference and described the influence of Ramayana in the whole world; in Moscow, China, USA, UK, Europe, South East Asia and West Indies in particular Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname and in all countries of the globe.  He said:  “The West is thinking that the “Clash of Civilisation” is the problem of this modern period but this post modern period is suffering from a “Crisis of Culture”.  The Ramayana has the guidance force to solve this crisis because Ramayana has the divine vani of Vidya (holy words of wisdom), pragmatic Vigyan (applied science) and Vedanta (ultimate philosophy) of divine consciousness for global unity on this planet.”

HH Swami Ganapthi Sachchidananda inspired all with profound words:  “If you recite Ram Naam, look at Ram leela and attend Sri Ram Katha and pray to Sri Ram that is the complete message of Ramayana for being good and making a better society on this Mother Earth.”

In the first academic session, the Keynote Address: ‘Ramayana: Spiritual Dimensions’ was delivered by Prof. Mrs. Sirisurang Poolthupya of Bangkok University.  She said that by following the example of Shri Ram we can achieve the spiritual dimensions of life.  The spiritual dimensions of Ramayana can bring peace, stop global warming and bring the change needed in the world.  The lack of spiritual guidance she said brings people and countries to their own destruction.  The Spiritual Dimensions of Sri Ramayana sows the seed of spiritual love in our hearts and removes all negative illusions and instills positivity.

In the concluding session, Sri Lallan Prasad Vyas ji enlightened all on the new orientation of Ramayana philosophy.  Sushri Ananda, Secretary Brahma Vidya Peetham, Trinidad & Tobago inspired all the delegates and proved that our culture, traditions, history and ideals can give peace, bliss and harmony amongst all colours, communities, cultures, countries because Sri Ram provided a great message from North India to Lanka.  Sri Ram is the ideal of the whole world. Ramayana is beyond all barriers of dividing forces & worlds.  It is uniting humanity as a part of the Ramayan Diaspora, strengthening International Relations and administering the (Sanjivan Bhuti) herbal life giving medicine to the entire globe for physical, psychological and spiritual health with vital force.  

At last, HH Swami Vijayanananda ignited and electrified the entire audience.  He beautifully elucidated: “The Ramayana is not part of mythology but a part of living history so whoever is trying to prove Ramayana is imaginative will fail because Lanka, India, South East Asia and the faith of all common people of the world have so many various proofs of Sri Ram’s reality on this earth.”  He said, “Ramayana is a journey of the self into the self.” 

HH Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji in his profound sermon declared: “Only Sri Ram & Ramayana can protect the family values, human unity and make enlightened citizens on this beautiful planet earth.”  He cited some examples from South India’s Ramayana. 

All the speakers and the entire audience felt great elevation of consciousness and divinity amidst this heavenly atmosphere in the Nada Mantapam hall of Avadhoota Datta Peetham.   This historic and great conference became successful with the vision of Shri Prasad ji, Trustee of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, the hard work of Swami Manasa ji Secretary of the organization, organizing skill of Ms. Meera Datta Organising Secretary of the Conference, coordination and cooperation of Swami Brahmadeo ji (International Coordinator of Conference) and Dr. Prakash Rao Secretary Dattatreya Yoga Centre USA. 
The serenity and green nature of the ashram created a blissful atmosphere for making a successful and jubilant conference in Mysore Karnataka.