Sri Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations
Trinidad & Tobago April 2011

In lifting the Sri Hanuman Consciousness prior to Hanuman Jayanti Day, three days Sri Hanuman Yagna was organized at the lotus feet of 85 Foot Sri Karya Siddhi Hanumanji from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 April.  Sri Swamiji spoke on the Glories of Sri Hanuman through the theme “Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Goasain” and clearly explained the meaning of “Hanuman”. He also expounded on the significance of Sri Hanumanji’s name as it appears Four Times in Sri Hanuman Chalisa and the appearance of the word “Sankat” (calamities and distress) three times.

It was very easy to follow through the slide presentations used.  These discourses were highly educational and Sri Swamiji brought to life the deep meaning and philosophy of Sri Hanuman Chalisa which is so applicable to our modern day lives.

Sri Hanuman Jayanti celebrations began very early in the morning of April 16th.  Sri Swamiji uplifted the spirits of devotees in his morning talk at the Dattatreya Yoga Center from 6 to 7 am as he continued on the theme “Sankat Se Hanuman Churavei” – Sri Hanuman ji takes away all our distress and calamities. 

The evening part of the program was at the peak climax point where a sea of devotees gathered at the lotus feet of Sri Hanuman ji in the most colourful, magnanimous and powerful Sri Hanuman Jayanti Celebrations where we saw on that day the unity of country, state and religion.  Sri Hanuman ji’s presence was indeed felt.  Sri Hanuman ji the source of power, energy, strength brought about this wonderful unity on that day. 

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar attended the function, offered Purnahoti (final prayer offerings) into the sacred fire and brought greetings to all the devotees present and the entire nation. Many Ministers and MP’s were also present.  Some of whom were the Attorney General Mr. Anand Ramlogan, Local Government Minister Mr. Chandresh Sharma, MP Mr. Rudy Moonilal, MP Ramona Ramdeen.