Navratri – April 2011

Sri Swamiji returned to Trinidad West Indies on March 28th 2011. Navratri Celebrations started on April 4th.  On this day Swamiji performed special Puja at Brahma Vidya Peetham Ashram in Trinidad to begin the auspicious nine days. Sri Ramayan Puja was also done as he started his English commentary and re translation of St. Tulsidas Sri Ramacharitamanas.

Devotees from Trinidad and Virginia USA also joined in the puja and Navratri programs. The first few days of Navratri was spent in divine sadhana and mauna as Sri Swamiji personally worked on Sri Ramayana translation.

On Saturday April 9th he Mayaro, East Coast Trinidad and devotees there were happy to have darshan.

On Saturday 10th he lectured at Gasparillo Hindu Mandir on Sri Rama’s Janma (Birth) Katha.

On Monday 11th April he paid a special visit to Raja Yoga Centre in Trinidad and met with Sister Hemlata.

Devotees joined him for a blissful teeth yaatra (pilgrimage) to the holy river of Ganga Dhara in the Blanchisseuse area of North Coast Trinidad on Tuesday April 12th. Devotees were treated to Ganga Snaan, Puja and Lingam Puja. It was indeed a spiritually uplifting experience. This place is very sacred to Sri Swamiji as many years ago with Ma. Ashok Singhal ji and other international and local Hindu leaders and organizations, Sri Swamiji brought dust and water from various holy places in India and consecrated it at a spot there and established the Ganga Dhara celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Every year thousands of devotees throng to this place of pilgrimage and perform Ganga Snaan, Ganga Puja and of course Lingam Puja and Abhishekam to Trinidadeshwar Mahadev which is nestled in little cave tucked away on the side of the river bank.