Surya Kumbha Parvaa

January 2012

The second annual Surya Kumbha Celebrations were held from 15th to 23rd January 2012 in Paramaribo Suriname.  Sri Swamiji spoke for nine days on Ma Ganga through Sri Ramcharitmanas.  

Swamiji said that there are five types of Ganga: the physical Ganga river that flows, Sri Ram Katha is a Ganga, Bhakti (Devotion) is a Ganga, Dharma is a Ganga and in Yoga philosophy Sushumna Nadi is also a Ganga.  During his discourse he described the first three types through Sri Ramayan and our holy scriptures such as Srimad Bhagwad Gita and Mahabharat etc.  Ganga is a symbol of purity.  This purity flows from the head of Shankar Bhagwan.  Shankar Bhagwan explained Sri Swamiji is a symbol of vishwas (faith).  When we will have faith then the purity of devotion will come in our lives.

During the holy festival, throughout the day pujas, homas and Ganga snaan was coordinated by the local pundits and organizing committee of Suriname.  

The Vice President of Suriname, Mr. Robert Amarelli and Minister of Public Works;  Mr. Ramon Abrahams attended and brought greetings on behalf of the President of Suriname, H.E. Mr. D. Bouterse.  Swamiji presented his Dutch translated Sri Ramacharitmanas to the Vice President of Suriname.  Suriname is a Dutch speaking country so the Dutch Translated Ramayana by Sri Swamiji is in great need in this country.  

During this visit, Sri Swamiji was also interviewed by Radio and TV Radika and Sangeet Mala TV.  They especially requested Sri Swamiji to come on the TV to present the first ever in history Dutch Translation of Sant Tulsidas’ Sri Ramacharitmanas.